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About Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing is:

- social dancing to the stirring music of Scotland (but you don't need to be Scottish to get involved)

- great for the mind, the body and the soul

- usually danced in sets of three, four or five couples (but does not require you to bring a partner)

- suitable for all ages - in our club children begin from age 6

- a worldwide phenomenon (with dance communities in around 40 countries)

- based on the ballroom dancing of 18th century Scotland


Dances are mostly in three tempos

- reel

- jig

- strathspey - the slower, more elegant tempo

The faster jigs and reels mostly use a slip step, a skip change of step and a setting step.


Dances are usually made up of four different formations (usually of 8 bars) and range from those made up of simpler formations to those that are more complex.


As well as our club nights we join other dancers from around our Waikato Bay of Plenty Region at their events - either informal dances or more formal balls. There are also further opportunities for extra learning at summer, weekend and day schools.


All you need to begin is your enthusiasm and some soft soled shoes - our club has dancing shoes that you can hire. Come along to a club night and see if this is something you would like to join in

Last Updated: 23/05/2015